It’s All About The Buzz

Buzz Heavy is the twenty-first century… a mashed and mixed collection of bytes and bits from another time and place recontextualized for a more complex, yet somehow simpler now. An exploding persona that grabs you by the brain and pummels you with a seemingly sugar-soft craft that ages better than wine, cheese or the Olsen twins, Buzz is both immediately lovable and an acquired taste.

By co-opting bits of pop culture and utilizing the familiar he is able to instantly bring the casual listener closer while simultaneously working at a subconscious level to broaden the conversation. Before long you’re humming tunes about lesbians, murder, weed, self-destruction, the sexual appetite (passion) of Jesus, and two-dollar man-whores. Yes friends, these are love songs for the new world… the Brave new world.

The more I listen to the new Buzz record the more I realize that this is exactly the fuck-it-all record that I needed right now. In a time when greed and corruption are so pervasive that even Hippies are enveloped in hate, Buzz Heavy means something. This music is the music of the tired, the broken, the disgusted. This is the music that says we don’t all have to be corporate whores… plain ones will do just fine.

To by the new Buzz CD and the equally great Fat Raleigh CD visit these sites:

Download This Podcast!

PS: Thanks to Steve Leonard for finding the original post in the Google cache!!


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