Wait, Baseball?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I should be doing with this site… lately it’s been a pure music/radio site that was a forum for my thoughts on music. Before that it was a political forum for lefties who had grown to despise the Bush agenda and everything it stands for. Before that it was a literary magazine, a publishing company, a record label, a dog grooming site, and a Chinese restaurant… ok, maybe not all that, but you get the point.

Then yesterday I read this item on serendipity over at Steven Johnson’s blog and suddenly my mission was clear… stop trying to be something and just write about what I am thinking about… write about my own peculiar tastes and don’t worry about presenting a cohesive theme. Simple. Brilliant.

Hideki Matsui… that’s what’s on my mind today. In case you don’t know, the Yankees’ left fielder is probably out for the season with a fractured wrist, ending his consecutive game streak at 1768 games. His injury leaves a hole in the Yanks lineup that has a lot of folks worried, but for some reason I’m not one of them. Logic dictates that as a Yankee fan I should be panicking and calling for trades, but I feel kind of hopeful really. Things happen for a reason. The reason here? Melky Cabrera.

Melky has been hitting the shit out of the ball in AAA all year so far and he was just called up to handle right field for the Yanks while Gary Sheffield is on the 15 day DL… also for a wrist. With Matsui going down this could be the kid’s time. I say put him in left immediately, give him the spot to lose and see what happens. I have a good feeling about it and we can all check this post in three months to see how prescient I am.

So that’s it… baseball in bluepear.


4 thoughts on “Wait, Baseball?

  1. it’s a sad, sad day for Matsui and the entire nation of Japan. He’s undoubtedly the nicest, and most dependable Japanese player on the Yankees.

  2. A sports page? Hunter would be squirmishing to hear of a new sports page that didn’t ramble around to digging deeper into the mechanisms at play in the universe which in turn play themselves out on the ballfield. For instance, why did Matsui, a ballplayer from Japan, suddenly break his wrist and with it a very long streak of ballplaying, effectively paving the way for Cabrera, a ballplayer from the Dominican Republic, to have a shot at the limelight in New York. What’s really going on in the world to make this freak accident happen?

    Yeah, yeah, I know, odds are every ballplayer’s gonna eventually do something that makes some bone, joint, ligament or muscle pop, but it does’t make any scientific sense that the wind blows based on odds. You can formulate for days, and the wind will still blow when it wants to blow. I suspect that this all must have something to do with the rise of the Spanish-speaking people in this country. Something big is happening here with this now, but it’s not just that, because, even though we don’t see a battalion of ballplayers coming over from China, certain Macintosh computers are being distributed around the U.S. urging you to default to using the Chinese language. Why not make some of our computers default to Japanese? not enough Japanese-speaking people for it to be cost-effective, or, maybe because Apple computers are being made in China now, and that brings us to that whole thing about eveything for here being made there, and the magnitude of debt we’re racking up to such a reputed fierce bunch.

    This all sounds like great news, cause it’s gonna be what saves our asses, cause we EuroAmericans need so badly to broaden our horizons. We’ve had our collective heads stuck so far up a big, fat, ugly, shit-stinkin’ asshole disguised as the American Dream, that we could use a little broadening of our culture. This is all okay for us loser EuroAmericans because people like the Chinese , the Mexicans, or even the Saudis, like us, because we are, or used to be, or sometimes are, or have the potential to be, a creative bunch. That must be because of that old Chinese axiom, “one gets creative when stuck in shit.” But, all joking aside, what more of us EuroAmericans outta do is to orient our creative skills around more universal concepts such as the Chinese Dragon, or the I Ching, or the Hunab Ku, or the Tree of Life, or the Holy Grail rather than strangling ourselves wrapped around so tight in our images of the American Dream and what religion our salvation belongs to, or what ‘utterly depraved’ madness can be absorbed from the news channels, or what canidate can save our asses in the Senate or Congress elections, only to watch them get beat down by a system magnificently manipulated over the years to magically elect whomever it goddamn well pleases, better yet, whoever offers it the best strategy for power and control.

  3. Nice to see you back ranting on bluepear my friend… Apple still manufactures in California I believe… other than that bravo.

  4. swc at 2:49 pm on 5/12/06:
    “He’s undoubtedly the nicest, and most dependable Japanese player on the Yankees”

    And that’s saying alot, considering the plethora of Japanese players on the team… … …

    Peace in your face.

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