Spielberg’s Munich

I finally had the opportunity to see Munich last night and I have to say that the film really stayed with me. Certainly the subject matter is haunting and the clandestine operations of various intelligence agencies is a curious context, yet this film has much more than just great spy punch. It is undoubtedly the first movie made since 2001 that really explores the nature of the worldwide bloodshed we are currently living through. By keeping away from black and white good and evil portrayals Spielberg provides an excellent commentary on the “with us or against us” mentality that has so tragically gripped policy making in the last five years.

Munich does not try to be a historical document and warns the viewer that the story is in fact only “inspired” by actual events. In taking artistic license rather than attempting to patch together the memories of necessarily sketchy and shadowy figures or snippets of declassified and redacted documents Spielberg and writers Tony Kushner and Eric Roth are able to truly delve into the social and personal ramifications of “eye for an eye” response policies. Ultimately though, Munich raises more questions that it answers… and that is the film’s most powerful aspect.


2 thoughts on “Spielberg’s Munich

  1. Enjoyed your thoughts, glad you liked it…i liked Munich, but your response makes me wonder if you liked it more…very possible…I think it is interesting that it weaves it’s own unique fictional twist.

    –RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

  2. I think the fictionalized elements are it’s real power. It’s funny to say it but I think the movie really is helped by not having to mind the facts. These are incredible issues… vengence, home, violence for peace… issues that have been a part of the human condition since day one. What Munich is so good at is starting the process toward something else… toward a new way of dealing with conflict.

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