Idiots Of The New American Century

For an excellent assessment of the Iranian nuclear situation, and the consequences of a military solution, do yourself a favor and take a gander at this article by Michael Carmichael. The article centers on a recent lecture given at Oxford by Richard Perle, the Neo-Con shill who did so much drum pounding in the lead up to the Iraq invasion. What I find so amazing is that anybody is still listening to this guy after his ideas have so blatantly failed in Iraq. Yet here we are… on the eve of yet another major blunder in the Middle East.

In a bit of related news, it seems that the Project For a New American Century is closing its doors… at least according to this article. I guess the unmitigated disaster in Iraq has taken a bit of a toll on the architects of the whole thing, but I’d much rather see some of them in front of a judge. As it stands they’ll just filter back into the vast right-wing conspiracy and lose themselves behind big oak desks at the American Enterprise Institute. Bastards. Idiots. No… wait… bastards… idiots… BASTARD IDIOTS!!


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