The Democratic Party Killed Al Gore

While reading this article about Joe Lieberman’s primary fight in Connecticut and the seemingly hopeless situation in the Democratic party I had a bit of a revelation: Al Gore’s 2000 Presidential bid was not a matter of his being too robotic or stiff or underwhelming, but rather it was a blatant case of group think gone bad.

In 2000 the party was fat, lazy, and vibing on an increasingly bland centrist policy that was ripe for being undermined by a more radical, thought provoking ideology… an ideology like the one Karl Rove gave to voters. In picking Joe Lieberman as VP the party in effect rolled over and died. Had Gore searched his soul and run a campaign that even partially resembled his recent one against the climate crisis he would have had given himself a wide enough margin to avoid the unfortunate battle in Florida… a battle which the dems didn’t have the stomach for.

Only now, after six years away from Democratic Party group think, has Al Gore found himself. It’s a shame that in that time little or no progress has been made in the party and centrists like Lieberman still have too much influence on the party’s voice. If there is any grace in politics Lieberman will lose his primary, become an Independent or Republican, Democratic Senators will line up behind Ned Lamont, and progressive thought will once again have a place in the Democratic Party.


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