Chaos, Fear, Death, Money.

Yesterday I sat down to write a post… a reaction to this article by Jacob Weisberg at Slate. I was writing it through the WordPress posting form online and while I was checking a link or looking for some info or something, I accidentally googled out of the post (which was basically complete) and lost the whole thing. I couldn’t bring myself to re-write the whole thing over… even though I remembered the gist of it quite well… perhaps too well.

You see each day my frustration with what’s happening in the world… and the degree to which Bush apologists go to deflect their furor’s responsibility for it… each day that frustration grows exponentially. In fact it grows so much that it is now morphing into fear… fear that the world is spinning out of control and the people in charge have no interest in calming things down…. there’s just too much money to be made off of the chaos.

And this is where we can blame Bush… he has let this all go down on his watch. He has created a context in which Israel can indiscriminately re-destroy a country that had so successfully re-constructed itself as a cultured and sophisticated cafe society. The Bush doctrine and the administration’s illegal war in Iraq have set the standard in the region… bomb first, manipulate the media second.

With the media interested only in reporting the “official” truth we are losing sight of the fact that we, the USA, re-ignited this mess. In March of 2003 Bush sent troops into the crowded theater that is the Middle East and they started yelling fire. The fallout from that action and the scandals that soon followed have incited a predictably angry Arab response and given a green light to Israel to act as the region’s thuggish cop. That is role that they seem to relish playing and have engaged it with zeal.

Israel’s latest assaults on Hamas and Hezbollah are positioned in the media as a response (proportionality anyone?) to the recent taking of Israeli soldiers. The mainstream press happily parrots the official Israeli line and dutifully skirts the facts on the ground. Quite plainly, Israel kills as indiscriminately as the “terrorists” of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Bush Administration do (for an excellent recent history of the conflict please read this article by Alexander Cockburn at Counterpunch).

Still if we take a closer look at what’s brewing in the region and examine the charged rhetoric that is coming out of all sides we can’t help but see that Israel’s latest actions play like a back channel skirmish in the continuing US/Iran nuclear standoff. In building up Hezbollah as an arm of the Iranian military this current conflict has the express potential to provide an American foot in Iran’s door.

So I guess what it comes down to is that we are about to see some next level shit in the Middle East. Iraq, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Syria… all mixed up in a stew of hate, violence and religious intolerance that the US, Britain, Russia, China and the rest season to their liking. How it ends, when it ends, who will die, how many will die, cannot be known. The only thing that is certain is that the oil conglomerates of the world will ride the backs of chaos specialists like Halliburton to new heights of wealth… and you’ll pay more for gas.


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