Stop Religion Before It Kills Us All!

Perhaps the greatest planetary emergency we face… greater than the global climate crisis, greater than global war, greater than global famine… is the perpetual stranglehold religion has on the good sense and reason of the human animal. It is this seemingly innocuous, yet entirely pervasive aspect of human existence that, through it’s prescribed and willful march toward the end, feeds all other crisis currently enveloping the planet.

Without a doubt religion has placated the minds of the believers and provided them with just enough moral wiggle room so they just don’t feel the true weight of human suffering. To them the world is as it is not because we as individuals or as a species fail to act to change things, but because that is the way it must be in order to validate the faith with which they live every day. There is no sense in trying to change things… this is prophecy.

This fatalism is not restricted to the Bible schools, the congregations of Falwell and Robertson, or the Madrasahs in the Middle East… it is an ingrained part of governments worldwide. Whether it’s a blatant case of evangelical fundamentalism (as in our president) or a more subliminal case of political pandering (hello Democrats), the predisposition to eschatological deteminism is rampant.

We are saddled with a religion even before we have any sense of what that means. We come of age in an environment in which our realites are molded by the tenets and practices of these religions and they become a filter through which the world passes into our experience. Our actions rest upon the foundation of that experience and are limited to its boundries. Outside the boundries of our actions lies God’s will… that which must be. Destruction of the Earthly flesh is God’s will and it must be.

It would seem the only way forward is to move away from the controlling paradigm of traditional religions and churches and toward a new one of spirituality and humanism. We must reposition our relationship to sacred text and start to view it as literature rather than prophecy. In short there must be enlightenment… a global awakening in which we shed our traditional boundries and activley engage our experience rather than filtering it. If we can make this happen we might have time to save ourselves, our planet, and perhaps we may even save God itself.


6 thoughts on “Stop Religion Before It Kills Us All!

  1. It is corporate capitalism that you speak of.

    Hezbollah is a political organization with a military who kidnapped 2 Israeli people as a political manuever to insight Israel(a political, corporate capitalist state, not a religious state) in order to get Israel to bomb Lebanon for having joined the ranks as a corporate capitalist state.

    It is corporate capitalism that has no good sense and no concern for the quality of life. It is corporate capitalism that is raping the environment are repressing and starving third world countries for the ability to treat their constituents to McDonalds, Wal-Mart, oil-burning heat and automobile travel and all the rest of our so-called modern conveniences.

    It is corporate capitalism that strangles advancement and progess. The technologies to manufacture and distrute power without pollution are suppressed by corporate capitalism because there is a better bottom line in raping the planet.

    It is corporate capitalism which sacrifices better health and healing for the sake of their exorbidant bottom lines in the pharmaceutical industry.

    This is what Hezzbollah, Al-Queda and all the other terrorist groups are fighting. THEY ARE NOT FIGHTING ANYTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION!!!!
    Greed and corporate capitalist power mongers are what is destroying quality of life. Religions are merely waiting for their respective saviors to save them from this evil beast controlling the planet. And they are not fighting anyone over these beliefs. They are fighting people over money and corruption in the corporate capitalist world.

    The only difference between me and a terrorist is that I understand that every time you try and fight corporate capitalism you make them stronger. The best way is to work with it and love it and get out when it blows, because it will. It will never ever stop caring only about the bottom line, and that is where doomsday prophecy comes, not from religion. The Book of Revelation was not originally a prophecy of future times. It was reworked from a recorded history of how power and greed destroyed the Atlantean civilization!

  2. I agree with your views on the rampant corruption and greed that is inhenrent in the capitalist model, but I think that religion is used by the unscrupulous sort to lull the masses into a state of perpetual indifference. Relgion seduces you to accept the bullshit here on Earth… this is only Satan’s playground after all. You’ll feel much better if you do what we say, repeat your prayers, and get to heaven.

    If you value this planet and see what magic life in this plane holds, then you should be horrified by the state of things today and push the re-enlightenment with all your heart and soul.

  3. Very well put! And the sad truth is only a “miracle” will save us all and wake up the believers. Perhaps the Pagan was right and Mother Earth will put the human race back in its rightful place again and we will all step back a few hundred years? Would this be a better place to be? While the warmongers, who have always ruled the world go about their business as usual what; if any difference can one person make? Depressing isn’t it. But we go on those of us who are optimists and hope for a kinder world, a world where everyone thinks for themselves, and about each other, but I still think it will take a momentous catastrophe to wake up the sheep who so willingly believe in Christianity.

  4. As Sam Harris says in THE END OF FAITH, faith is immune to all reasonable intrusions. We need to stop relying on myths ( the bible, the koran,The torah ) and start relying on our own reasoning and common sense. Too much blood is shed in the name of God.

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