The Mustache Works

giambi stacheIn honor of the Yankees 5-game sweep of the Red Sox I proudly post this picture of myself with a Sal Fasano style mustache. The stache is obviously Photoshopped (not by me), but I can honestly tell you that I am wearing it in spirit on the streets of Manhattan everyday. I hope all of you Yankee fans will follow the grand example set by Sal Fasano, Jason Giambi, Jaret Wright, Ron Villone and Johnny Damon… and grow yourself a mustache. Or at least Photoshop one on.


3 thoughts on “The Mustache Works

  1. I must say that I, too, have enjoyed the humiliation of the Red Sox and their legions. I have given out a few “how ’bout them Sox” greetings to a few people I have come to know as “Bean-towners,” but your tribute to the Bronx Bombers is the greatest.

    It would be great to see an entire stadium filled with a Fasanoesque aura when the Sox come to Yankee Stadium in a few weeks

  2. For all you fans out there who can’t or won’t grow a mustache and don’t have a copy of Photoshop lying around, send bluepear your picture and we’ll photoshop one on your face for you. Just send your virtual mustache request via a comment on this post and leave your email address and we’ll tell you where to send you pix. Or if you have one available for down load let us know where it is we’ll go get it.

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