A Hollow Victory

For the past few days I have been trying to process this latest “revolution” in the US Congress… what does it mean? …what kind of change can we expect? …are we being set up? While most of my anti-Bush friends and family are rejoicing over the Republican loss (and the demise of Rummy) I am finding it hard to be happy about it. I can certainly appreciate the idea of having an oppositional Congress in place to keep the runaway Executive branch in check, but something in me is still skeptical.

I think John Stewart had it right when he compared the Democratic party to the kid who slowly backs out of the room as his brother gets scolded. In fact Democrats have been backing out of the room for six years now… never once exhibiting the integrity of opposition that the country so sorely needs. In a real sense the Democratic party is complicit in a whole host of Republican crimes and misdemeanors. From voting away their own oversight responsibilities to letting the right-wing Christian cartel set the social agenda, this party has been little more than a Republican lap dog for six years. And now they have some sway.

The answers to the questions I pose in the first paragraph of this post will take some time to sort out. However one thing is true… there is an opportunity here. If the Democrats can suddenly find some sort of moral center… some touchstone that brings them back to their best FDR, JFK, RFK moments… then maybe we might see some real work get done. I won’t hold my breath.


4 thoughts on “A Hollow Victory

  1. Don’t jump to conlclusions just yet. The Republicans got us into this mess. Give the Democrats a chance and we will see change, unless of course they all start going to church.

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