As Advertising Turns

It’s obvious to anybody with a pulse that the world of advertising is in serious crisis… everybody is trying to distill the massive change reverberating through contemporary culture into something. Sometimes that effort yields fruit and sometimes it just yields a big load of bullshit that, while it may be entertaining to listen to, does absolutely nothing to advance the idea of advertising.

Today I had the good fortune to have this fact presented to me plain as day. As I sifted through my morning news feeds two articles in particular jumped out at me and put the situation in bright relief. The first was a post by Grant McCracken that stressed his utter disbelief at recent comments made by Sir John Hegarty, creative director at Bartle Bogle Hegarty. In a nutshell Hegarty throws up his hands and comes clean that his career – his life’s chosen work – is by and large a crapshoot. Advertising at it’s core is as ethereal and elusive as a work of art – a matter of taste – whimsical, unpredictable taste. Budget that.

As I sat scratching my head and wondering if perhaps advertising might be dying I read a post from GigaOM by Mark Kingdon, CEO of Organic. Now here’s the line of crap that I’m looking for… not that Kingdon’ words are crap (he does in fact have a nice grasp on what’s happening and where it might lead) they just ring that bell of ad-speak that warms the cockles of my heart. No elder statesman I’m tired and want to see my money thinking at work here. Kindon sees the field and is setting his course accordingly… and that makes me feel strangely better.


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