New Jersey Voter For Obama


For the first time that I can remember I, as a New Jersey voter, will be voting in a primary that actually has teeth. It used to be that Jersey held their primary sometime in June… months after the chosen one had been anointed. NOW, thanks to the wonders of Super Tuesday, I can cast a vote that has some kind of meaning – I will not cast that vote lightly. After a lot of careful thinking and a few days of the same old shit from the Clinton camp it is with a tremendous amount of excitement that I plan to cast my primary votr for Barack Obama. In doing so I am also trying to do for Jersey what Dave Winer is doing for California. So please… if you blog and are from New Jersey vote for Obama and include these words in your endorsement: New Jersey voter for Obama.

For your Obama Progress poster go here:

PS: writing this during the State of the Union is really kind of sweet.


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