Thoughts On Mobile Free Agency – Part 2

As I noted in the first part of this series, I am (at least at this point in time) leaning heavily toward making a switch to the iPhone when my Verizon contract goes month to month in February. However, I do have some reservations about the switch and the biggest of those reared its ugly head today as I read this article at Infoworld.

Silly as it sounds the virtual keyboard on the Apple device has me concerned. Even though I really kind of dig the way it looks, I am a bit nervous about the functionality of it. I like to use SMS a lot and my current LG has a dynamite, tactile, keyboard that limits typos to my own ignorance. All in all this is most likely NOT a deal breaker… after all how long could it possibly be before I get the hang of it?

Surprisingly, the study found that iPhone texters don’t improve with experience. The researchers also asked users in the other groups to send text messages using the iPhone. These novice iPhone users made mistakes at the same rate as people who have owned iPhones for at least one month, the study found.

Hmmm… well, here’s to hoping that my natural ability will set me apart from the unwashed masses that participated in this test. 😉


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