Thoughts On Mobile Free Agency – Part 3

I have decided (or I guess I have always known) that I am going to get an iPhone. The only question at this point is when… which is more or less the point of this series of posts. As stated in parts one and two, my contract with Verizon goes month to month in February giving me the option to switch carriers without penalty. For the most part I have viewed February 19 as a liberation day… the date that I would get my new iPhone.

Then this happens… Verizon opens up. Granted the iPhone won’t work on the network without being fundamentally redesigned, but given the evolution of the iPod over the last five years I can’t see that being a significant barrier. Contractual obligations to AT&T may be, but I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know the ins and outs of contract law (especially at that scale) so I won’t begin to speculate on the legal feasibility of Apple selling Verizon capable devices. But I will point to this post by Scott Karp that gives me a glimmer of hope that my dream situation may in fact come to pass.

So now comes the question of timing. How long can I hold out on my old LG V? If it takes Apple a year, two years, three years or more to get on Verizon’s network, do I wait for them? Or do I make the switch to AT&T in February, stay on for two years and come back to Verizon with Apple?

At this point I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I may go a few months past February 19, feel out the situation, see if any concrete statements or announcements are made, wait and see. Maybe AT&T makes a reactionary move in a few weeks that proves equally interesting. Maybe the entire cell carrier model comes crashing to the ground in the next six months and all my current thinking gets thrown out with it. Or maybe I get tired of watching these people on the train gleaming excitedly at their screens as I sit and stare at that little Apple logo on the back and I buy one tomorrow. Hard to say.

In any case it sure is fun to watch this stuff unfold… isn’t it?


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