X Saves The World

Above: A nice, crisp, ten minute video of author Jeff Gordinier discussing the main themes of his new book on Generation X – X Saves The World – due out on March 31.

I have to admit I haven’t thought much about the social implications and context of my generation, Gen X, in quite a while. Don’t get me wrong… in the 90’s I lived that shit hard. I delivered pizza, had principles, studied and wrote poetry, retreated into education, and wondered if there ever could be anywhere in this world that I might actually make a life. Douglas Coupland was my role model.

While I may not be the artist I wanted so badly to be then, I do think that I have lived true the principles that those times instilled in me. I make money now, have a family, kids, mortgage payments… but I am also happy… very happy. I do work I love… work that makes me think. I challenge bullshit when I see it… and (apparently) I have been hard at work doing my little part to help save the world.

So who needs those ego-laden boomers? X is here and X is working.


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