I’ve seen all good people; Good People Day 2008, an exercise in cultivating positive vibes and networked appreciation.

God help me, I don’t like to blindly follow, but there is just something about the Vaynerchuk enthusiasm that’s hard to deny. Anyway, from the mind and heart of @garyvee comes Good People Day… a day to think about and celebrate good people. The idea is to bring those people out into the light of the internet, to blog on them, to tweet on them, to celebrate the good.

As I sat thinking about how I might acknowledge Good People Day I saw this tweet from Andy Kaufman pop up in my twitter stream: “PSA: 4/3/08 is GOOD PEOPLE DAY (& the 10th Anniversary of the legendary 4/3/98 Phish show) http://tinyurl.com/2vq85n Double freakin whammy! “ And then I found the above video – from that show.

Perfect. What better way to celebrate Good People Day than to pay tribute to all the good people I have met in the parking lot shakedown madness of the Phish universe. The artists and craftspeople… the dream dealers and dope smokers… the one for three two for five beer vendors… the grilled cheese gourmets… the dogs, the kids, the family… the books, the ideas, the posters, patchwork and patchouli… the stickers, the t-shirts, the jokes, the laughs, the long and setting sun… the six-up, the paramedics, the bearded wisdom… the vans, the riders, the tweakers, the spun, the undone, the shaken and the far from home.

These are the good people of the road. These are the good people of the rainbow. These are the good people of the wild. These are the good people of the wandering mind… and today is their day.


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