a little something to tell you where you are

This is my home on WordPress.com… it is by no means my only home on the world wide web. In fact it is more like a vacation home, rarely visited and often stale and dusty. I have tried to spruce it up and make it as comfortable for you as I could, but you should really make an effort to stop by my full time home. You can find out more about me and my other “real” home on the web below…

In my professional life I am the Director of Publishing Technologies for a national consumer magazine publisher. In my spare time I have a family, a house, a dog, friends, habits, tendencies, and quirks like anybody else.

If you want to know more about me, my life, my ideas, my taste, then you should skip on out of this site and head on over to mturro.bluepear.org … that’s where I keep all the current info, images, books, music, and other digital artifacts from my life.

However, if you just can’t bring yourself to leave the friendly confines of wordpress.com then feel free to search this site and poke around… I try to remember to crosspost from my main site to here so you can get a sense of where I’m coming from.